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It's time to say goodbye 👋

First of all, thanks for having been a visitor or a user of We have worked a lot for the past 5 years to deliver a free service with no ads to help you share your computer / gaming setup.

Lately, multiple changes happened on Twitch side, which didn't help at all to make the integration of our service easy. Also, maintaining this has a cost. Firstly, it takes time to add new features and ensure everything is secure. Secondly, it also costs money to pay for the hosting, the domain... and we were offering this service for free with no income.

All in all, we, Samuel & Corentin, are not motivated enough to keep going with this side project and we want to focus on our work and other projects.

It has been a pleasure to build and provide this service. The statistics we got with this website went above our expectations and we are super proud to went that far.

All information from our users have been deleted, and we have open sourced our code (it's good old PHP) on Github.

See you on some other projects ✨

- Samuel & Corentin.